Organic farming

Organic Agriculture Ets. RANJA in Madagascar

Organic farming is a mode of agricultural production and transformation that combines best environmental practices with more natural manufacturing processes. Producing organic means meeting the basic needs of the population in an innovative and modern way by reconciling Man and Nature.

Green Vanilla Bunch LAVANY Bourbon from Madagascar

Bunch of young green Vanilla pods

Pollination by Anicet JERA the manager of the Vanilla LAVANY plantations in Betavilona - Madagascar

Manual pollination of a freshly hatched Vanilla flower


Provide solutions to promote our good environmental and societal practices both in Madagascar, the production area of ​​our Vanilla LAVANY, just in France and Spain bases of marketing all over the world.

Each of our different technical stations is autonomous in terms of energy resources: the sun generously provides us with all the electricity we need as well as the capacity to pump water from our wells.

Our carbon footprint in Madagascar is reduced as much as possible.


Our plantations in Betavilona - Madagascar are meticulously inspected each year as well as the collection, refining and packaging stations in Manambato - Antalaha.

The same goes for our French distribution and marketing establishment in Saint-Juéry.

By obtaining for 3 years the certification AB - Organic Farming issued by logo ECOCERT organic farming certification body for Vanilla LAVANY Bourbon from Madagascar we value our good practices and establish a bond of trust with our customers.

RANJA establishments in Manambato-Antalaha - Madagascar Drying in the sun and in the air libre de la Vanille LAVANY Bourbon de Madagascar

Natural drying in the sun and in the open air of the Vanilla pods after scalding

Apiary for natural pollination of flowers

Bees are essential for the natural pollination of our crops


  • Respect for living ecosystems and animal welfare l.
  • Maintenance of a high degree of biodiversity of the fertility of the soil.
  • Prohibition of chemical pesticides of synthesis and GMOs.
  • Responsible management of natural resources.

RANJA establishments in Antalaha - Madagascar - Planter - Refiner - Collector of Bourbon Vanilla in Madagascar

Logo ECOCERT organic farming certification body in Madagascar

Certification Agriculture Biologique - AB

Vanilla LAVANY Bourbon de Madagascar

Certifications ORGANIC FARMING - AB established by Ecocert logo certification body are available on simple request